Friday, October 9, 2009

Arley's (House's) Small-Screen Debut!

You might find yourself thinking, "Gee, I hear so much about the house where Arley logs all of her exciting TV-watching time and where the 'Young and Hip' magic happens. Perhaps I should stalk her so that I can satisfy my curiosity about what it looks like." Well, I'm flattered, but put down that telephoto lens and step away from Google Earth because there is no need. Last night, my house was featured on an episode of "Supernatural," so you can see it in all of its creepy, built-in-1908-and-has-a-century-worth-of-ghosts glory. (I will spare you the ghost stories about my house, but suffice to say that one of them involves a pile of dog shit on a fancy handkerchief on top of our washing machine. And we did not have a dog. True story).

Back in the day, Winston Churchill visited our house when he was touring New Westminster, and now we can add "an angry demonic Lincoln" to our list of distinguished guests; (it's a short list). If you download the episode entitled "Fallen Idols," you can see a demon in the form of Abe Lincoln laying the face-eating smack down on some professor in my house. The exterior of the house, our dining room (which has been turned into a study) and our hall are all featured. We got lucky because Paris Hilton was also in that episode, so we narrowly avoided an infestation; (can a house come down with an STD?). has been detailing the curse of Paris Hilton for years, so though it would have been nice to blame my hip problems on Paris Hilton, I think I will stay well away from any potential sources of bad luck, thank you very much.

On an unrelated note, I have decided that this whole "using the initials of everyone I talk about on the blog" thing is getting really complicated, since I know way too many people with the same initials and then people get married and change their initials and it all becomes hopelessly complicated and Lord knows there is enough "hopelessly complicated" in my life. Also, I was beginning to feel like I was trapped in Kafka's "The Castle," though the surreal, bureaucracy-on-crack-ness of that book is actually pretty relevant to my whole hip situation.

For that reason, everyone who's been mentioned on this blog (or would like to be mentioned on this blog) should come up with an appropriate name for yourself. You can use your real name or come up with a fun-filled nickname. I haven't decided whether I will stick with initials for people I talk about on a regular basis who do not read the blog (A., for example) or whether I will punish those people for not basking in my literary greatness by giving them unflattering nicknames. (Yeah, we'll probably stick to initials).

You can either email me/ Facebook-message me your name choice or leave it as a comment on the blog.

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