Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hip School Dropout

After the surgeon-related excitement of yesterday, you'd think I'd be spending today digesting the news with a little peppermint tea. Nope, I kept the hip party going because that is how I roll. Usually, people only need a good six weeks of out-patient physio before they "graduate" and stride limp-free into the sunset. I, however, have been at physio for nearly four months and am the recovery equivalent of that 20-year-old guy who's taking Grade 8 English for the fifth time and scares all the 13-year-olds by flexing his muscles and stroking his imposing facial hair (just, you know, without the muscles and facial hair).

Well, not anymore. After discussing Dr. SecondOpinion's news with my physio, we decided that I should become a hip school dropout and stop going to physio until I get some sort of medical intervention. After all, you can't strengthen a muscle that isn't attached and after four months of trying to get my hip flexors to wake the hell up, it's likely that there's not much that can be done for them either.

I don't mind physio. I like the physiotherapists, I like being forced to get out of bed early, and it does give my life a little structure. On the other hand, however, I was getting bit frustrated getting no results and my spot is better off being taken by someone who will be able to do a "clamshell" after a few weeks. So, yes, this means I'm going to have to find another hobby to replace the great amusement I used to get from putting on my ipod and cranking up really bizarre rock music (think Frog Eyes) while watching elderly people work out, so it seemed as if the 85-year-old lady balancing on the physio trampoline and the old guy swinging his leg in a sling were starring in some sort of fucked-up music video. Perhaps I should start knitting.

The fact that Monday will be my last day of physio means that once I get my needle-in-my-hip test and see Dr. SecondOpinion, I will be free to go down to Illinois for awhile. When that will be, however, remains to be seen. This means that I will indeed miss the Neko Case concert I've been talking so much about. I am a sad little hipster.

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  1. (((hugs))) Sucks about the gig. I believe there's something better on its way down the pipes of destiny for you, my friend!