Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Arley McNeney Appreciation Society

I have awesome friends. Like, really awesome friends. And last night, my awesome friends Karo and Leslie got tired of my complete inability to ever market my writing career. For that reason, they created me my own Facebook fan page: the Arley McNeney Appreciation Society. You know that scene in "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" when someone puts a little X-ray up to the Grinch's heart, which grows so much that it breaks the little X-ray machine? It's like that, only instead of my heart it's my ego. ("And what happened next?/ Well in Facebook-ville they say/ that Arley McNeney's huge ego/ grew 10 sizes that day.")

Yes, I am a lucky, lucky girl. I'm grateful not only to Karo and Leslie, but to everyone who's supported "Young and Hip" since its inception 6 months ago. Who would have thought that anyone other than my mom would be interested in me rambling about my semi-detached ass?

So, yes, this whole Arley McNeney Appreciation Society thing could work out well for me. I'm going to go ahead and consider the Arley McNeney Appreciation Society a charitable organization, which entitles me to issue tax receipts to men who show their appreciation of me in the form of a date. (Okay, that's probably not something to put on the old E-Harmony profile, eh?)


  1. Just an indication of what a wonderful writer you are! Are you listening Oprah?

  2. My thoughts exactly! I'm going to write to Oprah after I teach Post, and we're making this happen. I hope your ego will fit in her studio :)

  3. "There’s nothing wrong in nurturing the ego, it can actually do you good so long as it will not be over inflated. And I fully support you in making the page charitable. Like the comments before me, I’m also mentioning Oprah because I remember her with charities.
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