Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Shout-Out to Denver

My brother Denver has alerted me to the fact that I have not yet mention him on this blog except in the context of his cat, Mr. Chubbz. In fact, I have spent more time discussing the raccoons in my backyard than I have my own brother. And, since Denver has promised to give "Young and Hip" a shout-out on Twitter, I couldn't pass up the chance. (You can tell by this blog why I don't have Twitter; it takes me at least 500 words to say anything).

Actually, Denver deserves a shout-out because he's had to deal with his fair share of hip replacement dramatics. First, he made the mistake of visiting me in the hospital right after surgery, when I was higher than Whitney Houston circa 1994; (morphine is whack). Then, he brought me books from the UBC library, even though I asked for obscure shit. He also worked his connections to put the fear of God in the hospital nursing staff. He did all this for me even though, when he was young, I routinely married him off to neighbourhood girls. I feel a little bad that the only thing I have to offer him in return is last-minute essay editing, since I don't have any connections, marketable skills, or even (since I'm no longer at U of I), a half-decent library card. (Unless he's looking for some catnip, since I'm pretty sure Mika knows a guy).

So, thanks Denver!

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