Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blogging With My Mouth

Since August, this blog has been my only outlet to vent about my hip replacement. Recently, however, I've started trying to turn my semi-coherent ramblings and elaborate similes about my detached ass into a more publishable form. Since this week is again a super-busy one, I thought I would show you videos of me reading from one such essay. Blogging...creative non-fiction...reading of creative non-fiction aloud to a live audience...all that's missing is for someone to do an interpretive dance about my hip replacement. By the time this ordeal is over, my hip replacement will have been thoroughly and totally documented in a variety of genres. It will be the most famous hip replacement ever.

Anyhow, both videos are of the same essay, but the first one is from when I went to my lovely friend Karo's class to talk about "Post." (Which was a good experience on numerous fronts, probably the most important one being that I was forced to get over the huge mental block I have about "Post" and actually re-read it. There was a time when I couldn't even open the book without feeling a little ill. Anyhow, the experience of confronting the 22-year-old I was when I wrote "Post" was less cringe-worthy than expected. I think we can call this emotional growth!) The nice thing about reading this essay is that I got to shock undergraduates by saying the word "motherf*cker" in an academic environment.

The next video comes from a reading I did for the "Stories and Beer" reading series at the Iron Post in Urbana. It's the same essay, but people find me much more amusing because they are drunk.

Enjoy the spectacle of me trying to speak words to other people!

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