Thursday, October 29, 2009

Steph's Birthday Cake

Since I promised I would post pictures of the cake I made for Steph's birthday (read: since I will take any opportunity to showcase my cakes), here it is in all its glory. The inside was a spice cake with cream-cheese frosting.

If I ever have a cake company, I am going to call it either O-C-Delicious (due to my obsessive degree of one makes chest hair out of tootsie rolls like I do) or Ghetto Cakes, due to the fact that I own hardly any cake-decorating tools. For example, you'll notice that most of my cakes lately have been blue/turquoise. This is because it's the only shade of food colouring I own up here. How many cake pans do I have? One. Which makes that baking layer cakes takes twice as long. Do I own a piping bag? I do not. Instead, I cut the tip off a Ziploc bag. After this foray into scroll-work, however, I think that I might invest in a piping bag, but cake-making can be an expensive (not to mention fattening) hobby and it's a slippery slope. Today, it's a piping bag. Tomorrow, I'm buying little silicone molds and edible glue and various luster dusts.

Okay, none of this is hip-related. Moving on!