Saturday, September 5, 2009

Long Weekend!

Well, thank goodness. It's finally the long weekend: a nice little break from the exhaustion of my busy life of unemployment and physiotherapy. (Shut up. I work!) It's time to escape to S.'s cabin for a little "end of summer/ single life" celebration. (Well, okay, it's just an "end of summer" celebration for me, unless any of you Americans out there are looking for a green-card bride. I kid, Homeland Security! I kid!) Seeing as how I spent my Friday night using the camera on my Macbook to "scan" photos of my cat when she was a kitten, then uploading said photos into a Facebook album...yeah, I probably need to get out of the house.

Since I will be engaging in some madcap hijinx south of the border (the American-Canadian border...not the metaphorical 'south of the border' for those of you with dirtier minds), don't be surprised if you have to go 48 hours without your daily dose of Arley. If you miss me, just spraypaint a clown wig black and throw it on top of the tallest telephone pole/broomstick you can find. And, to make your long weekend a little cuter, here are two photos of Mika when she was just a little bite-sized morsel. She will watch over the blog when I'm gone.

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