Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Young, Hip and...Employed?

For the past six months, "Young and Hip" has been a case study in what happens when a Type A personality goes without work/a social life/ the ability to sit on hard surfaces for an extended period of time. (All play and no work makes Arley a dull girl...or at least an obsessive girl....who subjects her reading public to detailed knowledge of every ass bruise and electrified needle). Well, I am happy to report that I can officially pack away the "no one will hire me because I have an MFA in creative writing" jokes because I have landed myself a job. Good thing the jokes about my lack of a social life, love life and ability to walk without looking like a monster are still applicable or else I might have had to close up shop!

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to be working for BC Wheelchair Sports. They're hosting the World Wheelchair Rugby Championships in September and need someone to help with their communication plan. I'll be making sure that their Twitter profile, Facebook profile, blog and website are pinnacles of awesomeness, so that lots of people will want to come out and watch. (Ever seen the documentary "Murderball?" You should. Seriously, the quad rugby guys have more documentaries made about them than that tree-man guy! They're famous!)

So, yes, I am very excited to be doing an interesting job with cool people, especially since I can do much of it online and can therefore go back to Illinois soon. I am also excited that my days will no longer consist of reading celebrity gossip websites (sorry Dlisted, I suspect your number of hits is about to fall by like 500%) and trying to find decent books at the public library. I am going to have to tie a string around my finger to remember not to talk about my anti-ass on their official blog.

If you're interested, check out the World Wheelchair Rugby Championships website here!


  1. Happy for you! I'm back on FB, too. I'll have to get back to you on the Big Bang Theory Finnish talk...I haven't watched it yet :)

  2. That's really awesome, Arley. Congrats!